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Posted on October 20, 2014 by Erin Kelly-Dill | 0 comments

I've been a maker of all sorts of things since I was small. Tissue paper fairy dresses for Skipper, dried apple head dolls, and don't get me started on what an 8 year old with a rich fantasy life can do with birch bark (um...everything!).

Kelly & Co. feels like a warm and wonderful culmination of all these years of making- I'm designing things folks use every day, using the most wonderful materials, and making things that I know really work (and they look lovely while doing it, to boot!).

Having my Uncle Don's rolling pins living here too is like the icing on the cake. He has also been making things since I've known him (my whole life!), and his rolling pins embody that dreamy combination I learned about in art school- beautiful form, and function.

Let the Kelly & Co. journey begin!




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