Social media, antisocial me.

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Erin Kelly-Dill | 2 comments

A year has come and gone since the beginnings of Kelly & Co., so I thought now might be a good time to do some of the things I should have done quite a while ago. Get the social media house in order,  actually write a few blog posts – those sorts of things.

So here goes! I do really enjoy the whole blog thing (as you CANNOT tell from my single post in the past year), because I really enjoy writing.  Social media though, and socializing generally … not so fun for me.  Social media might be worse than actual socializing. It’s like attending a mixer with strangers in a dark and awkward vacuum, and you never know what everyone’s really thinking.

 I’m a rather antisocial sort, so I’m a pretty big fan of self-employment. My husband often asks if I get lonely working at home, alone in the woods all day, and I give him the same answer every time, “Nope.” He’s a much more social guy, and even after 24 years of marriage (19 of which I’ve worked from home), he still can’t imagine that I don’t get lonely.

This year though, I got out of the shop quite a bit, and spent many hours meeting many wonderful people at many, many handmade events.  And, shockingly, I liked it! It was exhausting, yes, but truly worthwhile and enjoyable.  I loved connecting with other vendors, as well as the cool folks checking things out.

The happy result of all of that actual socializing is that posting on Instagram now feels less like whispering into an unknowable void, and more like sending a postcard. And while I’m much more comfortable with the cardstock reality of a postcard, I’m learning to appreciate my little virtual village.

So here’s to giving the new a chance, even if it’s a tad scary and you think you’re going to hate it!

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