New year, new(ish) bag.

Posted on January 06, 2016 by Erin Kelly-Dill | 0 comments

So I thought I’d start the new year with a true confession – it turns out I have been in denial about the fact that I am a big-bag person. Until recently, during any bag related talk (which happens with surprising frequency) I would have said, “Oh, I just carry a small, kinda sporty bag.” And I would have been LYING. Because in the car, and in the mudroom, there were other bags. The roomy bags I relied on to tote the essential encumbrances of a rural existence. Living 45 minutes from anywhere means there are things you’ve got to bring along when you venture out of the hills. Snacks, extra layers, lots of water, a book or three.  So I’d sling my tidy little bag over my shoulder, and stow one of the giant denial bags in the car, drawing from it as needed, like a closet smoker.

But then I designed a big bag. A bag I really loved the look, feel and features of, but felt I didn’t need, not being a big-bag person.  When I made a small design change, there was one original version left, and I took it, because I liked it so much. And then I began using it. And suddenly my eyes were opened to the fact that it is the sort of bag I should have had on my shoulder all along!  It holds water, layers, snacks and books, as well as the things I carried in my small bag – wallet, phone, lip balm, portable cutlery, notebook, pencil.  As well as a bunch of other stuff if I feel like it! Recently, it’s successfully contained my winter coat, stocking stuffers for the whole family, and a few pieces of pottery, and below you can see it containing a fairly typical load (with room to spare!).


I feel lighter after my confession, even with my big bag on my shoulder. Happy New Year!

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